Asiatic lily

My daughter painted this beautiful yellow Asiatic lily during a recent mother/daughter painting session. We haven’t painted together in a while, so it was nice to have my favorite painting partner join me for an evening of painting, small talk, and pumpkin lattes. To create the background texture, she sprinkled sea salt on the paint while it was still wet. It adds a lot of interest to an otherwise very simple painting.

As usual, she completed her painting first, so I’ll be showing my latest painting as soon as I finish it.

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    • She wet the background area with water first, then dropped in the color (she used blue-green at the bottom, faded it to light blue, and left the top of the sky white). While that was still wet she sprinkled on the sea salt. The paint and salt will not bleed into the dry parts of the painting. So she painted the background first, then let that dry, then painted the flower.

  1. Love the sea salt effect! Really sets a great background for the lily. Good job, Grets. Hard to figure out who is the better artist—–you or your Mom!?! Lol

  2. you and your daughter have such a lovely and distinct style. it’s bold and yet still delicate and feminine.
    i took an online watercoloring class over the summer, which i enjoyed, but it made me realize that i’m not made for the whimsical light touch painting.

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