Navy blue fireplace makeover

Aqua fireplace makeover

Fireplace makeover in light blue

I’ve been hard at work overhauling my blog this week to make it more user friendly and give it a fresh new look. What do think of my new design? I’m really liking the touches of fresh lime.

While going through old posts I found these photos of my fireplace featuring several different shades of blue and thought I would share them today. I frequently repaint my rooms. Repainting a room is one of the most economical decorating tricks up a decorator’s sleeve. The change is always dramatic and all it takes is one afternoon of work and about $150.00 per room.

Which color is your favorite, the navy, the aqua, or the light blue?

20 Comments on Fireplace Makeovers–One Fireplace Three Ways

  1. Your blog looks great! I SO want to do some painting in my house, but I have high 15 foot ceilings in my family room so it is still construction white. I think I will try an accent wall that’s more manageable, but now I keep fluctuating on the color. I like your light blue best I think. I guess I am pretty conservative with wall colors because I need to live with them for a long time. I used to do a lot of painting at my old house, but with my new house (we’ve been here 10 years!) I’m afraid of making a mistake. And even though painting is relatively cheap, it’s such a hassle! That’s why I like watercolors. The clean up is so easy!

    • I once painted my two-story staircase a deep, golden yellow. I hated it immediately but lived with it for a number of years then finally painted it a very light grayish beige. Not my favorite color, but it’s neutral and goes with everything. Plus, I don’t plan on painting it again. Hopefully, I’ll only have to touch it up every once in a while. It WAS a pain to paint.

  2. The third option looks best in my opinion. It light walls and the fireplace play nicely with the darker chairs. It is also much lighter than the first option and much calmer than the second one.

    • Thank you, Elena. I worked on the blog all week. Had to re-categorize all the posts to fit in the new menus I chose at the top of the blog. I realized that I posted some nice paintings and beautiful room photos very early on in my blogging career that I’m sure nobody noticed or saw. I plan on re-blogging some of those so they get their due.

  3. Of these I like the light blue best. But maybe because I like those greenery type accessories best, and the room seems light and airy. I have no doubt you’ll do wonders with whatever you choose though, if you pick one!

  4. Love the new look!!! It looks very nice 😀
    I really liked the bright blue one…and I’m thinking even the light blue. For some reason though, imagining a beautiful orange fire in the fireplace seems to go well with the dark blue..hehe

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