Rust-oleum spray paint in Seaside

I came across a new shade of aqua spray paint–called Seaside–by Rust-oleumat Home Depot when I was shopping for paint for my colorful spring porch makeover and couldn’t resist it. So I bought six cans for a future project. Since I was in a spray painting mood last weekend, and I was dying to paint something aqua, I painted this iron nautilus bench and side table for my back yard.

Aqua bench and table painted in Seaside by Rust-oleum

This color practically glows in the early evening light. Throw on a coordinating pillow or two and you have a colorful and comfy spot to sit down and enjoy your garden.

Aqua bench and side table in Seaside by Rust-oleum

The aqua and white pillow is from Pottery Barn’s outdoor pillow collection. I’ve used this pillow inside and outside. I just throw it in the washer when it gets dirty and it’s good to go for another season. I used three cans of paint for this project. I can use the remaining three cans to repaint this furniture when it gets battered by the elements, or I can find something else to paint. Hmm, what else needs a coat of aqua? Let me think…

36 Comments on More Fun with Spray Paint–A Little Rust-oleum Changes Everything

  1. I thought we bought this for NEXT year!! Couldn’t wait could you? Must be that instant gratification thing??? Eh? 🙂

    • I’m the spray paint queen. A few dollars per can and a few minutes of time and I can transform anything. I still have a bit of aqua paint on my hands–the mark of a true artist….

    • I found that bench and table at a local antique shop about 15 years ago. I leave it in my garden year round. It has held up beautifully, but I do repaint it each spring.

  2. I literally gasped when I saw this! Number one, I LOVE your chair!! So cool and for you to paint it aqua, even better!!! Number Two, I’ve been looking for turquoise metal paint, hoping to paint the stove in my 1965 Aladdin camp trailer!!! I’m heading to the store RIGHT NOW!!

  3. Interested in watercolors? Where I live I found a watercolor society that has presentations for learning. Bet you have one near you two. You look pretty handy with that spray can 🙂

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